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Public Education

The Vernon Township Fire Department welcomes the public to visit us or request a presentation. Our goal is to make the community as safe as possible. The department will visit schools, businesses, neighborhood associations, churches, or any group that is interested in learning more about fire and injury prevention. If we are not able to provide the resources or information you need, we will assist in locating someone who can.

The Vernon Township Fire Department believes that public education is an important part of public safety. Most emergencies we respond to are preventable in nature. With proper education, you can learn to protect your family, home, and business.

The VTFD provides education opportunities at the fire station as well as at your school or business. If your group is interested in a presentation or a visit, please email to schedule.

CPR Classes

CPR classes are offered quarterly to the community because of our recent award from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Foundation Grant. New CPR equipment was purchased at the beginning of 2021. Funding for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Foundation comes from revenue from "Secure Indiana" license plate sales. The foundation provides financial support for critical public safety needs across Indiana. The revenue from First Responders license plate sales funds the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation. The next time you renew your vehicle's plate, ask for a First Responders license plate, purchase one online, or donate.

If you are interested in taking a CPR course, please contact to schedule.


Training that conveys new information, reinforces existing skills, and addresses advances in the delivery of fire and emergency services is provided to personnel through the Training and EMS Divisions. These two divisions work together to provide training on an annual basis that includes, but is not limited to, emergency medial services (both at the basic and advanced levels), fire suppression, hazardous materials, technical rescue, firefighter survival, search and rescue, vehicle extraction, and apparatus fundamentals.


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